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K.O. You Lose.

The pain of losing my marriage and my goals left me feeling  unqualified to try again in life. It feels like someone socked you on the stomach so hard it bruised your insides. Every time I see something that reminds me of my failed dreams that pain appears and some days I'm okay with it, while other days it knocks me out. Like yesterday, there was a couple about to cross the street and the dad was holding their baby. The baby was crying because she wanted to be held by her mother but the baby kept saying , "Dada" to her. The couple laughed at their child and it was a sweet moment. As I was watching this I began to tear up. You see I wanted to be a mother and start a family with my ex-husband. Instead life decided to give me this; single at 30, no savings, moving back with my mom, starting over in Los Angeles.  I didn't expect any of this but it's my reality, I failed. I've accepted the fact that I majorly screwed up in my relationship but I also recognized th…

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