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Hot Mess

Hey guys. I didn't give up on this blogging thing it's just I've been kind of busy with being a hot mess.

So I've been in LA for three months and well it's been a rollercoaster of haunting emotions and huge setbacks. At the same time, I'm coming out of my shell and I feel like my old self again. The woman who is awkwardly weird in her conversations, who's a kid at heart, but wants to love people fiercely and dream big is coming back and I'm embracing it. But let's talk about this rollercoaster I'm in, let's title it: Divorce Terror of Doom.

I had this idea that once I was back in my hometown things would get better. I mean, I love being around my family and friends but there's this uncertainty of loneliness that is buried deep in my heart. This is  not an advice blog on how to deal with heartbreak, it's me sharing my story because people need the  truth and that's the best way I can help. Also, I want you guys to know that this s…

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