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Lets talk about the D word....


My divorce couldn't have come at a better time, the freaking holiday season. I'm not a fan of Christmas since working in retail sucks the joy out of my holiday spirit. But it still hurts because I'm apart from family and social media decided to mock me with everyone's sappy holiday posts. Anyway, on Dec 26th I received a letter from the courthouse and immediately my heart started racing where I had to sit and take a deep breath. As I began to tear the envelope I knew what it was, my divorce decree was finalized. Even though I've been separated from him on and off for half of 2017, it felt like a death. It was gut wrenching and I wanted to kick him in the nuts Chun-Li style.


I'm going to be straight up with you guys, my marriage was toxic. I was unprepared for marriage and I carried a lot wounds from my past. To top it off, I have generalized anxiety disorder and PMDD which means my PMS transforms me into an emotional monster…

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